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Betty Gerstner
Ongoing Classes
Class: Porcelain Painting (Also known as Overglaze painting or China painting)
Betty Gerstner
Porcelain Painter since 1979. Teacher since 2003.
Medium: Chinapaint, Overglaze or Porcelain paint
Betty Gerstner's Porcelain Studio
82-5942 Government Main Road (in McCoy Plantation)
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Other Information:

Chinapainting is done by applying china paint or luster to a glazed object (vase, plate, bowl, etc.)  The paint generally comes in a powdered format.  It is mixed with either oil (usually mineral oil) or a water-based medium.  The flux in the powdered paint is what makes it adhere to the porcelain surface during the firing in the kiln.

The painting is done in a series of applications, each of which is followed by firing of the piece in a kiln.  These applications/firing are referred to as "Fires".

Students with no prior chinapainting experience will start with a simple painting (Usually Hibiscus or Plumeria).  This usually requires about 3 to 5 "Fires".  This first project is to familiarize the student with the nature of chinapaints and painting on a smooth, non-porous surface.  After this initial painting, the student may paint a subject and object of their own choosing.

If the student has had prior experience chinapainting, they may have a choice of what they wish to paint.

The studio contains many objects for sale upon which to paint.  On sale, also, are chinapaints, lusters, brushes, and other tools for use in chinapainting.

Besides the items for sale, "student use" paints, brushes, etc. are available.  As these are designated "student use" and are used by many different students, they may not be in pristine condition.  Students usually start out using the "student use" items.  Then, if they feel that chinapainting is something they wish to pursue, they build their own collection of chinapaints, brushes, etc.

Students are welcome to bring their own porcelain objects to paint, as well as photo resources for subjects to paint.  In addition, there are many books and other resources, in the studio, that can be used for selection of what to paint.

Painting with lusters is taught in the studio.  Some members of the class also participate in casting and hand-building porcelain clay.

Painted pieces are fired, at no additional cost, by the teacher.

Contact Betty at 808-328-0595 for more information.  You may arrange for a tour of the studio, during a class, or just "dive right in" with a class.  Call or email Betty first if you wish to attend a class to be sure a class will be in session on the day you wish to attend.
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Beginning to Advanced
Day & Time of Classes:
Thursdays - 9 am to 12 noon
Saturdays - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Students may attend class both Thursdays and Saturdays or just one of the class days.
Coffee supplied, potluck goodies sometimes available
$20.00 per class day. Beginners Kit available for one time cost of $20.00

Imin Center
Changes regularly
Imin Center - Holualoa
Donna Manning at 808-322-6608
Ceramics - Wheel and hand build
Beginner to Advanced
Day & Time:
Tuesdays from 9 am to 2:30 pm
Bring your own refreshments and lunch
$35.00 per month